Fun Media Booth

Slomo Booth

Slomo Booth.png

Take your Photo Booth to the next level, with our Slow Motion Video Booth!

  • Grab your friends and jump, skip, dance - do whatever you want in SUPER SLOW MOTION!

  • Fun props provided for your ultimate slow motion experience!

  • Instantly watch your clip back at 10% normal speed on our provided 1080p HD TV

  • Watch and share your video within 24 hours after the event using our online digital library!

  • Perfect for all kinds of parties, weddings and mitzvahs!

Questions? Check out our sample video, and FAQ below!

How does it work?

Grab your props, grab your friends, jump in the booth area for a few seconds, then WATCH! It's that simple.

When can I see my video?

INSTANTLY! As soon as you're wrapped up in the booth area, just come over to our HD TV and watch your creation!

Do I need my own props?

Fun props like fake mustaches, hats, sunglasses and more are provided! Got your own props to use? No problem!

How long does setup take?

Setup takes 45 minutes - 1 hour. 

How big of a space do I need?

10ft x 10ft is ideal for the best results, but we can work in smaller spaces if needed.

Can I see my video again after the event?

YES! We upload all of our videos to an online library for viewing and downloading as you please. We ask guests to enter their email address on a provided tablet, and we email everyone with a copy of their video!

How many people can we have at once?

As many as you can fit!

How do I book?

Visit our Contact page to get in touch!